Long-Lost Friend & Amateur Locksmithing!

Ha! After a long, long time, Ageel is back to his small corner on the Internet. For around an year, I didn't even thought of adding my views and opinions here. It seems to be my perennial problem.

At some point of time, I plan to do something, like maintaining an online journal here. Many people do not take action, I do. So this space was created almost instantly after having decided to have my own little corner on the ever-expanding space. After just a few days, I got busy with my regular, mundane life. (I didn't lose any keys or locked myself out of the apartment till now. Pretty good performance, huh!)

 Today having read someone's online journal about how he was ripped off by a local scam locksmith, I recalled of my article that I had written. So I came back to check if it is still in order.

Yes, my little corner is still reserved for me. I am now thinking of keeping it more active and lively here. Hopefully, I will be able to stay rock-solid on this idea now.

For now, I have also resolved not to lose any keys when cycling. Just to let you know, I have been more regular with cycling that writing. I intend to train for a marathon and participate in the local charity marathon that is organized in December every year. Do you think I should be able to finish the marathon in just few months of physical training?

Given that I just learnt how one of my acquaintances was cheated by a locksmith, I also intend to  learn the basics of locksmithing. I will refer to some trade magazines and books in the public library. A visit to the local bookstore is also pertinent here for getting some books for locksmithing trades. For spares and tools, the local hardware store should be able to get me going with my amateur locksmith training tool kit.

Hope to stay in touch with you more often! Will keep you posted.
Stay fit. Cheers and enjoy your life!