Security Guard: A Tough Job for Tough People

Jogging can be a fun way of meeting new people. I have been a regular jogger for quite some time and recently made a new fiend in the park. He is a magnificent personality with a broad smile always sparkling on his face. He's John Grasim.

After having bumped into each other for a week on the same jogging tracks, we finally took a breath and made acquaintance of each other. He has been working as a professional security guard in San Diego California for the past 5 years.

He spends about 1 hour everyday jogging in the park and then heads over to his gym for an additional 30 minutes of exercise. He says the physical fitness is the topmost priority in his career. Being physically fit also helps him stay alert, which is the part of a security guard's job profile.

Until now, I had been thinking of security guard job as a simple job where one just has to man his station. However, this isn't as simple as I thought. One has to pass a training and also get an arms training for being eligible to carry security weapons.

You cannot slack after getting your security guard license. One has to keep taking refresher courses and stay updated. Every year one has to get the license renewed. One also has to take lessons every year and pass the exam.

The job demands high level of physical and mental alertness. There is no scope for slacking if one intends to make it their career and succeed in it. I guess I have started respecting security guards more now.